Good News, Fedora!

Here's how my day went: I woke up early this morning after not being able to sleep last night and then realized I forgot the student's papers I needed to put feedback on at my office, so then I had to drive to campus despite being exhausted and having no other reason to be on campus today, and it was pouring, and when I was parking this curb that has a kind of sharp edge tore a hole in my tire, so I had to lie in a puddle of cold water and change my tire in the pouring rain, and this nice saintly Mexican guy offered to hold an umbrella over my head and then proceeded to criticize my tire changing skills until he wound up doing it himself, which was really nice of him but then I felt bad because I got this total stranger soaking wet and I was already wet and would have got the tire changed eventually if less efficiently, and then I had to drive back to Easthampton, where I live, on a donut in the pouring rain on the winding back-roads of Western Mass, and I kept hydro planing on the stupid donut and almost went off at least twice, and then when I took my car to the tire place they said my alignment was out of whack and that my rear right tire was about to go too and so I had to get both tires replaced and a factory realignment which wasn't cheap, and then for no reason also my trunk stopped latching.

How's your day been, Fedora?

The Marlin